Let’s Get Real


Let’s get real for a minute…

When I started talking about my weightloss success in 2015, I realize now that I had the wrong motivations.  I wanted others to be proud of me, the accolades of other people, the weightloss without the big picture motivation of long term health.

How did that work out for me?  Fast forward to early 2017 and in about 12 weeks time from October to December 2016, I gained 30+ pounds.  Wait, what?  Did you say 30+?  Yes, I did!  I was stressed beyond belief with lots of things and I stress ate my way to a new record for me (clearly not in a good way!), something I just can’t believe let happen, but I am owning it.  I did not see the big picture of eating for my long-term health and to combat a lot of the issues I was having with inflammation and joint pains.

I knew that I had to find someone that could help me that was successful and motivating, and wouldn’t just say, “oh, you had a bad week, just move on”, but someone that would say to me, “why did you make the choices you did, and how can we make sure that doesn’t happen again?”

So, after lots of research I found a health coach that did that for me.  She put me in an accountability group, checked in on me and celebrated my successes.  Thanks to her confidence in me, I was able to reclaim confidence myself and lose the weight I put on.

At the end of August into September, I felt the pattern from last year happening, and I spiraled out of control for a good 4 to 5 weeks.  Stress was getting to me again in the form of food!  No, not going to happen this year!  Then, my coach messaged me and said, “I haven’t heard from you much lately, is everything ok?”  No, it wasn’t, but boy it felt good that she checked on me!

That challenge group/accountability group where I get daily support, accountability, motivation and recipes/tips seriously changed my life! I have fallen in love with the support, Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology. I could have given up in the first week if it wasn’t for the other people that were in the group.

Are you trying to find fit too?  I want to pay it forward and help others to feel the same way that I do!

So I have become a coach, and my job is to help you reach your goals by customizing support, keeping you motivated, accountable and sharing what is working for me with you! If you are interested in joining me please message me or like this post for more information!  Join the amazing group of ladies I am a part of already.

I am accepting 3 people into my group that are ready and willing to take that leap of faith and change their lifestyle! ARE YOU IN??? Let me help you stay accountable to your health & fitness goals and teach you what has worked for me!!!!

Week 2 — 22 Minute Hard Corps

hardcore1I am loving this new program!  Tony Horton has knocked it out of the park with 22 Minute Hard Corps.  I thought when I started 22MHC that I might do PiYo at the same time, but that is not going to happen.  These workouts are seriously intense, complete with new moves I have never done before like gorilla crawls and frog burpees.

The moves are hard, but the 3 rounds move quickly and at the end I am dripping in sweat.

Beachbody has a public challenge group to get summer strong starting on 4/4.  Though I have already started the program, I am following in the group, and seeing other people’s posts, I am not being a baby — these moves are hard “corps”!  🙂  Day 10 has nothing on me!!

If you are struggling with trying to fit in a fitness routine, I would love to tell you my story; please feel free to email me for more information.  I used to dread working out, but now I look forward to it and the way I feel when I am done and the best part is that I am working out at home and don’t have to go anywhere.

Better Late Than Never–21DFX Results


Everyone loves to see results–at least I know that I do!  I have said it many times before, but when I did my first Beachbody program, 21 Day Fix, I literally spent days scouring the internet (especially youtube and instagram) looking for other people’s results before I would order anything.  Why?  Well, I think the biggest reason is because we want to make sure we aren’t getting scammed!

What I have come to realize is that if you are doing the work, you are going to get results.  If you aren’t going to fully follow the program, or make your own rules, well your results may not be what you expect.  These programs have been tested and tried before being sold, so trust those calendars!

So here is where I stand right now.  In January, I had my annual physical with my doctor.  He weighed me and I weighed exactly the same as I did the year before.  I told him about how I had done all these various Beachbody workouts and while I have gone down quite a few sizes (I fit in a regular 14 now), I haven’t lost pounds.  He suggested I see and endocrinologist, which I am putting off for now.

That same week, I also began following the Whole30 plan and thought I would see where it led me.  That yielded some great results!  Where I had been stalled for a year, I lost 8 pounds in 30 days, which I thought was pretty amazing.

Also, during that time I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme again.  I was determined to do it from start to finish and I did.  Why? Well, it all comes down to accountability.  I know it sounds crazy, but having people around you and cheering you on to finish a program when you just “aren’t feeling it” makes all the difference in the world.  I am so glad that I finished too because I think from the pictures, I got pretty decent results.  I didn’t weigh myself when I finished because I tend to only weigh myself once a month so I don’t get caught up and fixated on the scale number, but from the pictures I think I did pretty well.  My jeans fit better and that is always a tell tale sign of success.

Interested in hearing more?  I would love to tell you all about the 21 Day Fix Extreme, feel free to email me for more information.

22 Minute Hard Corps


Last year, I was introduced to trainer, Tony Horton, when I did the Beachbody program, P90.  I really liked his style of training, he has many years of experience and my body was pretty sore the first few workouts–and he is pretty quirky and funny.  I have not done another Tony Horton program since completing P90, but that is about to change!

I have been seeing ads for his new program called, 22 Minute Hard Corps, for the last few months.  It looks awesome!  It’s a bootcamp style workout for 8 weeks and it is only 22 minutes each workout.  I imagine those 22 minutes are going to be pretty intense.

The release is set for March 1st.  I plan to order my copy on that date and hopefully will receive it within the week, which will coincide perfectly with finishing the 21 day fix extreme (yes, finally, but that’s for another post!).

Do you want to do it with me?  I would love to try this program with  others to help keep us all accountable.  Message me or comment below if you are interested in doing a group with me.



On Tuesday night, I finally watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on Netflix.  If you have not seen it, the quick rundown is this — Joe Cross is having tons of health issues, he travels from Australia to the US to spend 60 days fasting on juice alone.  The first 30 days he spends in NYC and the last 30, he travels the US touting the benefits of juice and detoxing to the people he meets and has them try his “reboot juice” from the juicer he has brought with him in the back of his car.

My husband has long been trying to get me on board the juicing train, we actually own one!  However, it has not been something I love to do because I have always felt like too many nutrients are lost in juice.  Well, after watching the movie, my husband sent me a link to Joe’s recipe for his reboot juice and this morning we gave it a whirl!

I cannot say that this is something I would be interested in doing for 60 days like he did, but I do think we could incorporate it into our already healthier diet.  The juice was pretty tasty.  It has ginger and lemon in it, so it definitely gave my tastebuds a zing this morning.

Will I do it everyday?  Probably not, but I want to incorporate it at least a few times a week.

Have you juiced?  What do you think?

Whole 30 Round 1–Results


Well, last Thursday we finished 30 days of whole foods, and the results are in — I lost 8lbs in the course of the 30 days.  The bigger victory–I felt energized and free from aches and pains in my joints.

Over the weekend, I definitely did not follow the re-introduction process as it is laid out in the book.  I made pizza — this was a bad idea!!  I already knew I had dairy issues going into Whole30, so it was no surprise that I felt awful after eating pizza!

Based on this, I have decided to continue to stick to 30 more strict days of the plan.  It works for me, so Monday started round 2.  I am excited to see what 30 more days will do for me and my overall health.

Are you interested in trying the Whole30?  I would love to talk to you about it.  Leave a comment below!!

Just Say No!


Ok, so my biggest weakness is dessert.  I just love all things sweet!  Tonight my mom and dad came over for dinner and my mom brought this….doesn’t it look delicious??  It is from a bakery near their house and everything there is amazing.  Tonight, however, my goals have to come first.  I am still working on completing the Chalean Extreme program, but more importantly, I have committed to 30 days of Whole30.  This is a big deal that I have stuck with it to day 18.  I could not allow myself to jump ship at this point.  So, I thanked my mom and when she left, I put it all in the freezer for another day.

You see, I am starting to say no to the “food with no brakes”, at least for now.  I am not saying that I will never have a yummy apple turnover again, but that today my goals come first.  I am doing this for myself, I am treating the body the Lord has given me well.

The theme of my week seems to have been small decisions add up to big results, and I will continue to remind myself of that.

How is your week going?  Are you ready for the weekend or dreading making bad choices?  If you are dreading making bad food choices, let’s chat, I can offer you some tips that have worked and continue to work for me.